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Number 6, 1979 (Published 1980)

(out of print, download available)

Caddoan and Poverty Point Archaeology: Essays in Honor of Clarence Hungerford Webb edited by Jon L. Gibson.

I Wonder about the World of Clarence Hungerford Webb by Robert S. Neitzel.

The Doctor and Caddology: Dr. Clarence H. Webb's Contribution to Caddo Archaeology by Hiram F. Gregory, Jr. 

Clarence Hungerford Webb and Poverty Point Archaeology by Jon L. Gibson.

Archaeological Bibliography of Clarence Hungerford Webb, 1939-1979 by Jon L. Gibson.

Clarence Hungerford Webb, Careers in Pictorial Essay by Jon L. Gibson, with Dorothy Dodd Webb.

Fourche Maline: An Archaeological Manifestation in Eastern Oklahoma by Robert R Bell.

The Caddoan Confederacies-Some Ecological Considerations by J. Ned Woodall.

Jonas Short and Coral Snake. Mounds: A Comparison by Burney B. McClurkan, Edward B. Je1ks, and Harald P. Jensen.

Preadaptation for the Southern Cult in the Caddoan Heartland by S. Alan Skinner.

Distribution of Natchitoches Engraved Ceramics by R. King Harris and Inus Marie Harris.

The Atlanta State Park Site in Northeastern Texas by R. King Hams, Inus Marie Harris, and M. R Miroir. 

Lithic Technology in Northeast Texas 
by Joel L. Shiner.

Poverty Point Period Social Organization in the Yazoo Basin, Mississippi: A Preliminary Consideration by Jay K. Johnson.

Intrasite Structure at the Claiborne Site by James E. Bruseth.

Speculations on the Origin and Development of Poverty Point Culture by Jon L. Gibson.

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