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2023-2024 Officers



Sadie Whitehurst

Sadie Whitehurst (formerly Schoeffler) was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana. She received her B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and her MA in Anthropology from Louisiana State University. She now works for the Division of Archaeology doing Section 106 review.

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Jennifer Lynn Funkhouser

Vice President


Samuel Huey



Rachel Watson

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Bulletin Editor & Newsletter Editor

Mark A. Rees, Ph.D., RPA
Louisiana Public Archaeology Lab
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Email for LAS correspondence:
All other email:


Rees is a Registered Professional Archaeologist, Professor of Anthropology, Director of the Louisiana Public Archaeology Lab, and Nalley–Board of Regents Support Fund Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His interests include historical and late pre-contact archaeology of southeastern North America, especially the Lower Mississippi Valley. 


Mailing Address:
Louisiana Public Archaeology Lab  
P.O. Box 43543
Dept. of Sociology, Anthropology & CAFS
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, LA 70504  


Located at:
Louisiana Public Archaeology Lab
2204 Johnston Street
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, LA 70503 

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Originally a native of Kentucky, Paul branched out to receive a B.A. in archaeology from Washington University in St. Louis and a M.A. in Archaeology from University College London. Places worked include: China, Illinois, Missouri, Utah, California, Alaska, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Louisiana, Mississipi, and Japan. He is currently the Environmental Planner for the Marine Corps in Okinawa, Japan.

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