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Louisiana's Historic Indians by Fred B. Kniffen.

Chitimacha Basketry by Hiram F. Gregory and Clarence H. Webb.

Mounds Plantation (16CD12), Caddo Parish, Louisiana by Clarence H. Webb and Ralph R. McKinney.

The Poverty Point Site: North Sector Test Excavations by Carl Kuttruff.

The Poverty Point Culture, as Seen from Southeastern Texas by L. W. Patterson.

Prehistoric Settlement Patterns of the Young's Bayou Drainage, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana by Brent W. Smith.

Fire Pits at Mount Bayou (16CT35), Catahoula Parish, Louisiana by Jon L. Gibson.

The Cicada in Southeastern Archaeology and in Coushatta Tradition by Donald G. Hunter.

Number 2, 1975 (out of print, download available)

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