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The Archaic Period by Joe Saunders and Thurman Allen.

Tchefuncte Use of Animal Bone with Inferences for Tchefuncte Culture, Ritual, and Animal Cosmologies by Barbara A. Lewis.

Political Competition and Site Placement: Late Prehistoric Settlement in the Tensas Basin of Northeast Louisiana by Douglas C. Wells.

Stylistic Influences on the Gulf Coastal Plain: New Evidence from Paddle Stamped Pottery in Louisiana by Rebecca Saunders.

The Lindsey Site: A Mound Complex on Big Corney Bayou in Union Parish, Louisiana by James Harry.

Caddoan Settlement in the Red River Floodplain: Perspectives from the Willow Chute Bayou Area, Bossier Parish, Louisiana by Jeffrey S. Girard.

More Friend Than Foe: Eighteenth Century Spanish, French, and Caddoan Interaction at Los Adaes, A Capital of Texas Located in Northwestern Louisiana by George Avery.

Number 22, 1995 (published 1997)

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