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Editor’s Introduction by Dennis Jones


Archaeological Investigations of Spanish Fort/Fort St. John (16OR19) in New Orleans City Park, 2012-2013 by Wayne C.J. Boyko, Jill Adams, Nathanael Heller, Amy Mann, and Kelly Sellers Wittie

Analysis of the 1976 University of New Orleans (UNO) Spanish Fort (16OR19) Collection by Kathleen Child and Katie Kosack, with a contribution by Lauren Zych


Ceramic Oddities from the Spanish Fort site (16OR19) by Lauren Zych

New Research near Spanish Fort: Looking Forward to an Archaeology of the New Orleans Lakefront by Michael Godzinski, D. Ryan Gray, and Elizabeth Williams


Appendix I: Legend of the Grave at Spanish Fort by J. H. DeGrange


Appendix II: Images of the Spanish Fort Site and Surrounding Area


Appendix III: The Historic American Buildings Survey for Spanish Fort by Samuel Wilson Jr.

Appendix IV: Photographs From the University of New Orleans (UNO) Project at the Spanish Fort Site (16OR19) in 1976

Appendix V: Reprint of Feature Newspaper Article “Gravediggers at Fort St. John” Times-Picayune, October 31, 1976

Number 46, 2019 (published 2020)

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