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Editors’ Introduction by Ian W. Brown and Dennis Jones


Up, Down, and All Around: A Personal History of the 1986 Morgan Site Project by Ian W. Brown

Highlights and Interpretations of the 1986 Excavations of Mound 1 of the Morgan Site by Ian W. Brown


Notes on Prehistoric Ceramic Artifacts From Mound 1 by Ian W. Brown and Dennis Jones


Notes on Prehistoric Lithic, Bone, and Shell Artifacts from Mound 1 by Dennis Jones


The Morgan Site Human Effigy by Richard S. Fuller and Diane Silvia

1988 Comments on the Coles Creek Period Ceramics from the Mound 1 Excavations at the Morgan Site by John S. Belmont


The Morgan Site in Retrospect by Richard Weinstein


References Cited
Appendix 1: Archeological Work in Louisiana and Mississippi by Henry B. Collins, Jr.

Appendix 2: Memories of Pecan Island and the Morgan Site Project by Diane Silvia and Eric Kjellgren

Number 47, 2020 (published 2021)

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