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The Neutral Calorie? On the Maintenance of Ranked Societies in the "Agriculturally Deficient" Environment of Gulf Coastal Louisiana by M. C. Webb.

Pontchartrain Tchefuncte Site Differentiation by J. Richard Shenkel.

The Slate Site, a Poverty Point Lapidary Industry in the Southern Yazoo Basin, Mississippi by Geoffrey R. Lehmann.

The Keenan Bead Cache, Lawrence County, Mississippi by John Conaway.

Recent Research on Poverty Point Period Subsistence and Settlement Systems: Test Excavations at the J. W. Copes Site in Northeast Louisiana by H. Edwin Jackson.

A Proposed Bone Tool Classification: A Case Study from Southeastern Louisiana by Tristram R. Kidder and David A. Barondess.

The French House Site 22AD668: The White Earth Concession (1720-1729) by Joseph V. Frank. 

Recovery and Identification of Civil. War Artifacts at a Site near Sunset, Louisiana by Warren Bowen Wiggs.

Digging up Bones, by D. R. Brothwell reviewed by M. K. Sandford.

Number 8, 1981 (published 1982)

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