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Number 4, 1977 (Published 1979)

(out of print, download available)

Reminiscences, Ecology, Natural Resource Exploitation and Tradition by Clarence H. Webb.

Excavations in the Atkins Midden at the Troyville Site, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana by Donald G. Hunter and William S. Baker, Jr.

Excavations at the Pierre Clement Site, Cameron Parish, Louisiana by James W. Springer.

Poverty Point Trade in South Central Louisiana: An Illustration from Beau Rivage by Jon L. Gibson.

Human Effigy Vessels from Gold Mine Plantation by Reca Jones, with Nina Helfert, Dwain Kirkham, and Woodrow Duke.

Delson Chevalier, 1919-1978 by Hiram F. Gregory, Jr.

Archaeology and Ceramics at the Marksville Site, by Alan Toth reviewed by Jon L. Gibson.

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