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Louisiana Archaeological Society Members Honored at National Meeting by Robert W. Neuman.

A Historical Dugout Canoe from Homochitto River in Franklin County, Mississippi by James F. Barnett,

The Experimental Manufacture of a Ground Hard Stone Pendant by Carey D. Weber.

Archaeological Testing of the Horton Cemetery (I6EF66), Jackson, Louisiana by Mary Huffman Manhein, Ann M. Whitmer, Douglas W. Owsley, and Murray K. Marks.

Burial Traditions of the Blue Bayou Coushatta by Donald G. Hunter.

The Rosedale and Shellhill Discs: "Southern Cult" Evidence from Southeastern Louisiana by Richard A. Weinstein.

Grand Houmas Village: An Historic Houma Indian Site (I6AN35), Ascension Parish, Louisiana by Bryan L. Guevin.

Comparative Aspects of Late Prehistoric Faunal Ecology at the Sims Site by Dave D. Davis.

The Panola Plantation Site: A Plaquemine Burial Mound in Northeast Louisiana by Reca Bamburg Jones.

Lithic Resources of Western Louisiana by Paul. V. Heinrich.

Prehistory of the Pearl River, Louisiana and Mississippi: Report on a Literature Search by Bill Moore.

Number 11, 1984 (published 1987)

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