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Recent Research at the Poverty Point Site edited by Kathleen M. Byrd.

Excavations at the Poverty Point Site: 1972-1975 by William G. Haag.

Discussion after Haag.

Investigations at the Visitor Center, Poverty Point State Commemorative Area, 1978 by Deborah Woodiel. 

Discussion after Woodiel.

Poverty Point Excavations, 1980-1982 by Joan Exnicios and Deborah Woodiel.

Discussion after Exnicios and Woodiel.

A View from the Outside: A New Look at Areas Adjoining the Poverty Point Site by Jeffrey H. Altschul.

The Deep Six Paleosol: The Incipient Poverty Point Occupation, 1983 Excavations by Glen S. Greene. 

The 1985 Test Excavations of the "Dock" Area of Poverty Point by Mitchell M. Hillman.

Discussion after Hillman.

Soils: Poverty Point. Soils on the Immediate and Locally Surrounding Poverty Point Area by Thurman Allen.

Earth Sitting: Architectural Masses at Poverty Point, Northeastern Louisiana by Jon L. Gibson.

Discussion after Gibson.

Future Research Directions by Kathleen M. Byrd.

Mitchell Hillman, 1943-1987: A Tribute by Jon L. Gibson.

Number 13, 1986 (published 1990)

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