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Exchange in the Lower Mississippi Valley and Contiguous Areas in 1100 B.C. edited by Jon L. Gibson.

Lower Mississippi Valley Exchange at 1100 B.C. by Jon L. Gibson.

The Late Archaic of the Eastern Lowlands and Evidence of Trade by Robert C. Dunnell and F. H. Whittaker.

Poverty Point in Tennessee by Gerald P. Smith and Charles H. McNutt.

Notes on Some Alabama Lithic Materials and the Poverty Point Exchange System(s) by Marvin D. Jeter and Eugene M. Futato.

Trade and Exchange in Eastern Texas, 1100 B.C.-A.D. 800 by Timothy K. Perttula and James E. Bruseth.

Directional Exchange Patterns during the Poverty Point Period in the Yazoo Basin, Mississippi by Geoffrey R. Lehmann.

Poverty Point Extraction and Exchange: The Arkansas Lithic Connections by Marvin D. Jeter and H. Edwin Jackson.

Only a Stone's Throw Away: Exchange in the Poverty Point Hinterland by Jon L. Gibson and David L. Gritting.

Over the Mountain and Across the Sea: Regional Poverty Point Exchange by Jon L. Gibson.

Number 17, 1990 (published 1994)

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