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"And Stuff Like That There:" In Appreciation of William G. Haag edited by Jon L. Gibson, Robert W. Neuman and Richard A. Weinstein.

"And Stuff Like That There;" by Jon L. Gibson, Robert W. Neuman, and Richard A. Weinstein.

William George Haag, Life and Times by Robert S. Neitzel.

Publications of William G. Haag, 1937-1994 by William G. Haag.

Bill, 1968-1976 (Photographs).

New Deal Archaeology in the Middle Tennessee Valley: 1934-1942 by David H. Dye.

Things that Count: Mean Vertical Positions and Poverty Point Archaeology by Jon L. Gibson.

A Perforated, Spatulate Stone Celt from Louisiana by Robert W. Neuman.

Ethnobiology in the Defense of Indigenous Peoples by Darrell A. Posey.

The Message of the Artifact by Miles Richardson.

A Brief History of the Early Years of the Archaeological Site Survey in Louisiana by Philip G. Rivet.

A Postulated "Lost" River System in Southeastern Arkansas and Northeastern Louisiana-Is There Archaeological Evidence? by Roger T. Saucier.

Arroyo Hondo Pueblo: Telling the Scholarly Story to a Broader Audience by Douglas W. Schwartz.

The Tchula Period in the Lower Mississippi Valley and Adjacent Coastal Zone: A Brief Summary by Richard A. Weinstein.

Bill, Again, 1976-1995 (Photographs).

That Earthy Farm Smell by George I. Quimby.

A Memory of Bill Haag by Douglas W. Schwartz.

For Bill Haag: Some Paths We Have Trod Together by Stephen Williams.

A Certain Final Exam I'll Never Forget by Roger T. Saucier.

My Friend, Bill Haag by Frederick H. West.

Pay the Man, Layton by Layton J. Miller.

Sir Bill by Malcolm Shuman.

A Scholar and a Gentleman and a Fine Teacher Too by Jon L. Gibson.

Memories of William G. Haag by Darrell A. Posey.

A Few Choice Memories by Richard A. Weinstein. 

When a Dog Wandered In by George J. Castille. 

Hissing Around the Pit by Deborah K. Woodiel.

Number 18, 1991 (published 1995)

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