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Archaeological Investigations at the Lee Site, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana by Richard A. Weinstein; with Appendix A: Vertebrate Fauna by David B. Kelley; and Appendix B: Pollen Analysis of the Lee Site, East Baton Rouge, Parish, Louisiana by Frederick M. Wiseman.

Analysis of the Vertebrate Remains from Four Coushatta Sites in Bossier Parish, Louisiana by Brian S. Shaffer and Timothy K. Perttula.

The Pine Island Site: A Coles Creek Site on Lake Darbonne in Union Parish by James Harty.

The Baskin Site, An Early Archaic Site in Franklin Parish by David L. Griffing.

Stelly Mounds (16SL1): An Archaic Mound Complex by Michael Russo and James Fogleman.

Number 21, 1994 (published 1996)

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