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Archaeological Techniques in the Louisiana Coastal Region by Robert-W. Neuman.

The Brackish Water Clam (Rangia cuneata): A Prehistoric "Staff of Life" or a Minor Food Resource by Kathleen Mary Byrd.

Preliminary Evidence of Seasonal Fishing Activity at Bayou Jasmine by Brian J. Duhe.

The Bel Site (16CU127): Urban Archaeology in Lake Charles, Louisiana by Joe Frank.

A Ceramic Sequence from Southern Louisiana and Its Implications for Type Frequency Seriation by James W. Springer.

A Reexamination of the Houses at the Bayou Goula Site, Iberville Parish, Louisiana by Ian W. Brown.

Lacadon Arrowheads and Jaketown Perforators: A Possible Historical-Functional Analogue by Jon L. Gibson. 

Catahoula Type Projectile Points by William S. Baker and Clarence H. Webb.

The Catahoula Projectile Point: A Distributional Study by L. W. Patterson.

An Archaeological Survey of Northeastern Mexico by Joel L. Shiner.

Number 3, 1976 (published 1977) (out of print, download available)

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