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Analysis of Burials Excavated from St. Peter Street Cemetery (16OR92), and 18th Century New Orleans Cemetery by Ginesse A.Listi and Mary H. Manhein.

Untangling the Strands of Creolization in an Urban Household: Recent Archaeology at the Madame John's Legacy Site (16OR51), New Orleans, Louisiana by D. Ryan Gray.

Feeding New Orleans? Where's the Pork? by Sean Couglin and Kelly Sellers Wittie.

Low-fire Earthenwares and Intercultural Relations in French Colonial New Orleans, 1718-1763: Preliminary Results from Three Sites by Lauren Zych.

An Ethnic "State of Mind": Historical Archaeology of Immigrant Identities in the New Orleans Irish Channel 1850-1920 by Blair Bordelon.

Afterword: New Orleans Archaeology, Past and Future by D. Ryan Gray.

Number 40, 2013 (published 2015)

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