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The Monte Sano Mounds Site (16EBR17): Salvage Investigations of a Middle Archaic Mound Site in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana by William G. Haag and Carl Kuttruff


Description and Comments on the Artifacts Recovered During the 1967 Salvage Investigations at The Monte Sano Site (16EBR17) by John M. Connaway, Samuel O. Brookes, and Dennis Jones


Gone but Surely Not Forgotten: Implications of the Monte Sano Site (16EBR17) by Dennis Jones and Samuel O. Brookes


Facsimile Reproduction of Carl Kuttruff's Article "Louisiana's Lost Heritage: The Monte Sano Mounds" Louisiana Archaeological Conservancy Newsletter July 1997, Vol. 7 No. 2


The Monte Sano Site by William G. Haag


Facsimile Reproduction of Transcription of Carl Kuttruff's Field Notes Made During His Participation in the March 1967 Salvage Excavations at the Monte Sano Site (16EBR17)


Additional Photographs of the Monte Sano Site during Salvage Excavations in March of 1967

Number 44, 2017 (published 2019) Digital Download

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