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J. Ashley Sibley, Jr. and the Junior Archeological Society: Assessing Avocational Archaeology at the Smith Creek Site (22WK526) by Megan C. Kassabaum and Ashley L. Terry


A Moth/Butterfly Motif in the Middle Archaic by Samuel O. Brookes III


The Last(?) Collection from the Grand Houmas Village by Chip McGimsey, Jack Shaffer, Danny Brown, and Dennis Jones


Shallow Material Culture from Highland Cemetery (16EBR190), Baton Rouge, LA by Ryan M. Seidemann


Fallen Trees and PPOs: Report and Analysis of Whole Poverty Point Objects Excavated from 2/98 Treefall Project Conducted at Poverty Point World Heritage Site (16WC5) by Phyllis M. Lear

Number 45, 2018 (published 2019)

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