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Big Brushy: A Stratified Multiple Component Site at Fort Polk, Louisiana by Thomas H. Guderjan and James R. Morehead.

Human Ecology at the Morton Shell Mound Site (16IB3), Iberia Parish, Louisiana by Robin S. Futch.

Some Notes on Mississippian Period Ceramics in the Mississippi River Delta by Dave D. Davis and Marco J. Giardino. 

The Dawn of Writing in the New World: Tokens and Trade at Poverty Point, Louisiana, and Related Sites by Burma H. Hyde and William J. Folan.

Mayan Blade Manufacture and the Bow and Arrow by L. W. Patterson and J. B. Sollberger.

Aerial Imagery in Locating and Managing Archaeological Resources along the Louisiana Coast by Robert W. Neuman and Kathleen Mary Byrd.

Beau Mire: A Late Tchula Period Site of the Tchefuncte Culture, Ascension Parish, Louisiana, by Richard A. Weinstein and Philip G. Rivet reviewed by Ian W. Brown.

The Caddo Indians of Louisiana, by Clarence H. Webb and Hiram F. Gregory, Jr. reviewed by Timothy K. Perttula.

The Caddo Indians of Louisiana: Reply to Perttula by Clarence H. Webb.

Another Response to Perttula by Hiram R Gregory, Jr.

Reply to Webb and Gregory: One for the Road by Timothy K. Perttula.

Number 7, 1980 (published 1981) (out of print, download available)

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