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The Troyville-Baytown Period in Lower Mississippi Valley Prehistory: A Memorial to Robert Stuart Neitzel edited by Jon L. Gibson.

Memorial to Stu Neitzel, the Man and his Spirit by Jon L. Gibson.

Robert Stuart Neitzel (1911-1980) by Jeffrey P. Brain.

Neitzel in Letters by Jeffrey R Brain and Ian W. Brown.

Neitzel in Images by Jon L. Gibson.

The Troyville-Baytown Issue by Jon L. Gibson.

The Troyville Concept and the Gold Mine Site by John S. Belmont.

Temporal Frameworks: Archaeological Components and Burial Styles: The Human Osteology of the Mt. Nebo Site in North Louisiana by Marco J. Giardino.

Old Creek, a Troyville Period Ossuary in LaSalle Parish, Louisiana: Reflections After a Quarter Century by Jon L. Gibson.

Preliminary Report on Excavations at an Early Troyville Period Site (16ST6) on the West Pearl River, Louisiana by M. C. Webb.

The Bellevue Focus: A Marksville-Troyville Manifestation in Northwestern Louisiana by Clarence H. Webb.

The Southeastern Check Stamp Pottery Tradition: A View from Louisiana, by Ian W. Brown reviewed by Brian J. Duhe.

Number 9, 1982 (published 1984)

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